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Power Generation

Time:2019-10-22 09:36

Power plants play a vital role where process instrumentation is essential to ensure their operation. Nowadays, power generation faces a multitude of challenges: there are urgent needs to improve environmental performance, keep consumers' costs down, and at the same time maintain system reliability and safety. Walsn provides solutions and services that enable power generation plants to perform continuously, efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. We offer a portfolio of process and analytical instruments for power generation plants.

Flame detection equipment is a key equipment in the boiler furnace safety monitoring system of thermal power plants. It has an important role in the whole process from boiler start-up to full load operation. We offer a series of intelligent, explosion-proof and remote control flame detection equipment to help you collect the flame signal which is amplified and processed to accurately determine the presence or absence of flame.

Walsn Mill & Silo Monitoring system (MSM-100) is specifically designed to continuously detect carbon monoxide (CO) in pulverizing mills. This system has been developed to detect high levels of CO, produced by any incomplete combustion, effectively giving advance warning of a mill fire.

The density measurement function of the Walsn Coriolis meters makes the waste discharge treatment simpler and wiser in the desulfurization and denitrification applications of the power industry.

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