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On-Site Services

When your application is critical, you cannot afford downtime or process interruptions. That's where Walsn provides you the best on-site services to attend your site to deal with emergency breakdowns as well as to cover planned maintenance schedules. Walsn Services team consists of highly-trained and experienced engineers who are available to inspect, test, and service your instrument and systems.

Our service is able to:

1. Provide timely on-site and remote response service

2. Respond within 1 hour after receiving product consultation and installation application

3. Complete the delivery and factory inspection preparation within 3 working days.

Emergency Onsite Services

When remote support capabilities cannot solve an issue, our emergency on-site services provide you with fast response, expert troubleshooting and repairs for unexpected events. A factory-trained and certified engineer will come to quickly remedy your situation and return instrument operations to normal. Service can be customized according to your product's performance history, age, and complexity to help eliminate unplanned costs and minimize downtime.

Scheduled Onsite Services

Even the most sophisticated equipment requires routine maintenance to keep it in top operating condition. Walsn's scheduled onsite service enables you to ensure that preventive maintenance services are performed regularly. Our field engineering experts can assist you in the commissioning of all Walsn instruments, to ensure satisfactory long-term performance and detect failures before they can cause costly failures. We can also bring our calibration expertise to your workplace, ensuring maximum efficiency and high-quality performance from your devices.