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Energy Optimization

Time:2019-10-22 09:31

Walsn attaches great importance to the energy optimization. We are committed to research and development of energy-saving technologies. Currently we have developed the following systems:

CO and H₂S-based boiler combustion optimization control system (SCCS)

Walsn and Huazhong University of Science and Technology Coal Burning National Lab jointly developed the flue CO-based boiler combustion optimization control system. Utilizing combustion science expert knowledge, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) models and big data technology, the system can calculate and predict the best wind/coal control strategy for real-time operation to achieve the intelligent optimization control of boiler combustion.

Walsn FMVC

Walsn FMVC can accurately measure coal powder velocity as well as the concentration and fineness of the coal powder in the primary pulverised fuel flow, providing accurate measurement for the operator to adjust the PF flow to achieve air/coal evenness of all primary pipes, realizing the purpose of high-efficiency combustion with low NOx. It has a positive impact on the safety and efficiency of the desulfurization and denitrification system, especially to prevent flame-deflection, ammonia escape and ensure the efficiency of denitrification.

Material synthesis control system

The material synthesis control system is a material synthesis solution for new energy, fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The system is based on high-precision mass flow meters and automated control to meet customers' refined production control needs and realize the automation and intelligence of production control.

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