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Repair & Part exchange program

Our skilled technicians provide parts, expertise, and hands-on service to quickly diagnose and repair your equipment and devices. The repair services include all measures necessary to quickly restore the functionality of defective units.

We can provide the services including:

· Failure cause identification at your local facility

· Always aiming for shortest time to repair

· Once repaired, the device will be calibrated before returned. This step ensures the products' life cycle and accurate measurement of your repaired device.

· Our advanced repair and replace service can provide refurbished units to replace obsolete, non-stock, or hard-to-locate assets and parts, helping you keep costs down while assuring full regulatory compliance.

· We offer a part-exchange program as an alternative option to repair. It is a NEW for OLD solution where your instrument is upgraded to the latest model (where applicable). We offer a discounted price for replacement in exchange for the old unit. For further information on our part-exchange program – Contact us now