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Technical Support

At Walsn, we're dedicated to delivering comprehensive technical support anytime and everywhere you might need it.

· Our technical support team will help keep you operating at peak efficiency regarding the questions from the installation of the instruments and software to the instrument commissioning and maintenance.

· We aim to provide exactly the right amount of support and expertise to ensure your projects run smoothly and deliver the desired outcomes, on time and to budget.

· Our technical support experts available to perform remote diagnostic and troubleshooting or to guide you through service operations.

· The product's user guides are available from our website, please review your product's user guide to assist in troubleshooting your issue.

Request Technical Support

If you would like to ask a question or request technical support, you can get support via email or phone.

For the UK:

Email: uk@walsn.com

Telephone: +44 1227 811733

For Canada:

Email: service@walsn.com

Telephone: +1 604 284 5128

For China:

Email: info@walsn.com.cn

Telephone: +86 316 288 1504