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Mill & Silo Monitoring System

Walsn Mill & Silo Monitoring system (MSM-100) is specifically designed to continuously detect carbon monoxide (CO) in pulverizing mills. This system has been developed to detect high levels of CO, produced by any incomplete combustion, effectively giving advance warning of a potential mill fire.

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Walsn's Mill & Silo Monitoring system (MSM-100) is specifically designed to continuously detect carbon monoxide (CO) in pulverizing mills. This system is specifically designed to detect high levels of CO, produced by any incomplete combustion, effectively giving advance warning of a mill fire.

This system is intended for operation in the electricity, metals, cement, steel, and processing industries, while also suitable for any coal system where advance warning of spontaneous combustion is required.

A probe, blowback unit, and control unit act as the three principal parts of the MSM-100 system.

MSM - 100 Series, including:


Operating Principle:


1.coal mill 


3.sample gas 


5.gas cooler 

6. condensate water collector 

7.secondary particle filter

8.sample gas flow sensor 

9. sampling pump

10.O₂ sensor (single channel optional

11. compressed air

12. sensor conversion electromagnetic valve

13.CO dual sensors

14. exhaust gas outlet

15. compressed air electromagnetic valve

16. compressed air inlet


Sample gas (pulverized coal and air mixture) enters the gas cooler through a sampling tube, to be cooled and dry cleaned. A secondary filter is then utilized to remove small particles. The measurement system which consists of dual CO sensors, produces an electrical signal output which is proportional to the concentration of CO. The signal will be transformed to ppm concentration after being calculated by the system, and is then transformed into an analog signal output (4-20mA).

MSM-100 detecting system consists of controlling system and sampling system.

Each sampling channel is equipped with a sampling pump, which collects the sample air through a probe sampling tube. At this point, the sample air will be refrigerated to get cooled and dehumidified. Condensation will be drained regularly through a peristaltic pump, while the heat produced by the sample air will be released through the radiator located at the external wall of the chassis.

Gas is analyzed by the MSM-100 sensor, resulting in all waste gas being exhausted through the bottom area of the chassis, leaving only the clean and dry gas. Control orders are achieved through the microprocessor, which is installed on the circuit board. The MSM-100 boasts a user-friendly menu system which not only promotes ease of use for all operational functionality, but also capable of providing a user with the relevant diagnostic messages in the event of a fault.



Display typeLCD+LED backlight
Display size60mmx16mm(2.4inx1.6in)
Display parameter4x20 character dot matrix
Indicating light2 LED indicating light
Indicating light usagesystem ok,power usage
Current loop outputs0.2 or 4mA to 10 or 20mA isolated output
1000Ω maximum loop impedance
Relay outputsCO high & low alarm;system ok;maintenance
Auto Cal relay contactsCO null point; calibration range
Casespraying metal classis RAL7035,sealing level IP65/NEMA4
Operation temperature0℃50℃
Power supply standardEN-61010-2
Power supply220V±10% 50Hz-60Hz(can be adjusted depending on practical need
Zero calibration2 bar, clean &dry ,flow volume
Cooling air2bar~10bar clean and dry,90l/min
Calibration gas2bar/30psi
Standard gas categoriesworking components CO/background components N₂
Sampling tube perimeters
Categoriesreinforce nylon tube
Blowback parameters
Casespraying metal classis RAL7035,sealing level IP65/NEMA4
Probe parameters
Materialsstainless steel,replaceable
Filterstainless steel
Sampling probe temperaturebelow 600℃
Pressure±10inch of water
Installation3/4" / 150lb ANSI specification
Flange weight4.2kg
Calibration and analysis system technical parameters
Zero and range calibration
Keyboard programming
Measuring range1ppm4000ppm
Resolution ratio1ppm or 1mg
Repeatability0.5% FS
Linear±1% FS
Zero drift±2 % FS
Span drift±2 % FS
Response timeT90<30s

Installation / MSM-100-D:

Monitoring Unit Installation

Each monitoring unit should be installed vertically with all cable entries at the bottom. Four brackets are fixed to the sides of the enclosure as convenient fixing points. The unit will not operate correctly if it is not vertically mounted with the cable entries at the bottom.


Probe Installation

Each probe should be mounted at the outlet of the mill. Areas that have moving parts should be avoided, and it is recommended that the adaptor flange should be welded to a stand pipe that is less than 75mm in length.


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