● Classic tube design with U or Ω shapes.

● Highest measurement sensitivity among different flow tube designs.

● Low drive frequency to tackle difficult multiphase conditions.

● Patented balancing structures to ensure measurement stability.

● Available with single bent-tube design to achieve low flow measurement.

● DN 0.5 to DN 250.

Product Details


Walsn UniMass-U Coriolis flowmeters use an enhanced classic U or Ω -shape with a patented balancing structure. Featuring the highest sensitivity, the U series provides high accuracy measurement, a higher turn-down and a wide selection of sizes. A lower drive frequency enables the U series to tackle difficult multiphase conditions and a single bent tube design covers low flow rate measurements.

The U series connects to the wide range of UniMass flow converters permitting online system configuration, diagnostics and data recording, providing not only mass flow rate, but also simultaneously measures density, temperature, volumetric flow rate, total flow and concentrations.

Typical applications

      · Continuous control

      · Batch control

· Custody transfer

Base accuracy

· Mass Flow (Liquid): ±0.10% of reading (±0.05% is optional)

· Mass Flow (Gas): ±0.35% of reading (±0.25% is optional)

· Density (Liquid): ±0.5 kg/m3

Diameter range

      ·DN0.5 to DN250

Wetted materials

      · 316L

      · HC22

Mass flow range

      · 0 to 600,000 kg/h (0 to 22,046 lb/min)

Density range

      · Up to 5,000kg/m3

Process pressure range

      · -1 to 100 bar (-14.5 to 1450 psi)

Process temperature range

· Standard temperature:  -50⁰C to +150⁰C (-58°F to 302°F)

· Extended temperature:  -50⁰C to +240⁰C (-58°F to 464°F)

· High temperature:      -50⁰C to +350⁰C (-58°F to 662°F)

· Cryogenic temperature: -200⁰C to +150⁰C (-328°F to 302°F)

Ambient temperature range

· -50 to 80 (-58 to 176) (With a remote converter)

· -40 to 60 (-40 to 140) (With an integral converter)

Enclosure rating

      · Standard: IP67

Converter compatibility

 · CFC-010/020/030

 · CFC-300


 · ATEX, IECEx, CSA (Pending)

 · PED

 · SIL (Pending)

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