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Time:2019-09-02 14:25

The world is evolving rapidly and the oil and gas industry is becoming challenging these days, facing skill shortages and tightening regulations, process optimization and cost-effective operation are now more important than ever before. Walsn is here to help companies going through these challenges by offering specialist measuring equipment as well as field services to maintain and maximize your plant availability.

Walsn has a series of Coriolis meters which provide reliable and high-accuracy measurement. With multiple variable outputs, they're an impressively versatile tools for process flow measurement and control. CNG series is specially designed for the CNG industry, with a focus on natural gas measurement for gas dispensers in applications such as passenger cars, light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles.

The capacity range of our flow meters covers 1 ~ 300mm, and the flow range covers 1kg / h ~ 1800t / h. Our Coriolis meters measures mass flow rate, density and temperature directly. They also calculate volume flow rate, accumulated total mass and volume and concentration. Online node-configuration, fault diagnosis and data recording can be carried out directly through communication with a communicator by HART or by PC through Modbus.

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