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Pulverized Fuel Flow Measurement Breakthrough

Time:2023-11-28 15:50


Walsn achieved a significant advancement in the pulverized fuel flow measurement by combining Acoustic Emission (AE) and electrostatic sensing techniques, addressing a longstanding challenge related to the online measurement of pulverized coal fineness. This breakthrough signifies a notable enhancement in boiler combustion control, enabling the acquisition of crucial real-time data during boiler operation. Walsn's pulverized fuel measurement and control system (OPFS-1000), empowered by this technology, can now continuously monitor pulverized coal velocity, mass flow, and particle size distribution (PSD).


The refined technology substantially improves the accuracy of pulverized coal velocity and concentration measurements, offering users valuable data for optimizing coal-fired power plants. Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role in enhancing boiler combustion stability and efficiency while reducing pollutant emissions. This innovation not only aids in decreasing operating costs but also fosters economic and social mutual benefits for users.


It is noteworthy that the pulverized fuel flowtechnology, exemplified by Walsn's breakthrough, holds relevance beyond the thermal power generation applications. Its versatility positions it as a valuable tool across various industries such as metallurgical kilns and coal chemical boilers, showcasing its potential impact on optimizing processes and achieving sustainable outcomes.


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