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WIND in our sails

Time:2024-03-05 12:08


On March 1 2024, Walsn Innovation Day (WIND 2024) was celebrated. The event served as a platform to acknowledge and honor the international technical team for their relentless dedication to innovation and sustainable development. Distinguished guests were invited to witness the remarkable accomplishments of the team in various domains, such as patent application, software and hardware enhancements, product design, and certification. These noteworthy achievements were presented by Walsn engineers, under the leadership of the Chief Technical Officer.


Walsn has strategically positioned technological innovation at the core of its operations, catering to diverse industries including thermal power generation, petrochemicals, and new energy materials. In 2023, leveraging its technology innovation platform, the Walsn Group achieved significant breakthroughs in research and development. These advancements encompassed the seamless integration of technology and industry, the expansion of product lines across different sectors with a focus on digitalization and intelligence, and groundbreaking developments in flow measurement.


Noteworthy accomplishments in 2023 included technical breakthroughs in flow measurement, two-phase measurement of pulverized coal and gas-solid flow, continuous analysis of coal quality, and batch flow measurement. Walsn's commitment to innovation remains unwavering, irrespective of external environmental changes. The company consistently provides innovative solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and superior products to address practical challenges faced by its customers. The overarching goal is to deliver enhanced value to customers, fostering global partnerships, and continually pushing the boundaries of innovation to better serve the evolving needs of its customers. Walsn stands resolute in its dedication to making a positive impact on the industry and reaffirms its commitment to advancing the field of process control systems. 


Contact us for how Walsn can contribute to your process control, at info@walsn.com.