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Batch measurement at its finest

Time:2023-09-25 14:26

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Walsn recently unveiled its latest Batch Measurement System (BMS) on the global stage at the 23rd Shanghai International Industry Fair, marking a significant step in the company's journey to broader applications across various industries. The BMS, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, boasts a streamlined pipeline design and high-precision instruments that cater to the demands of high-accuracy flow measurement and control.


One of the standout features of the BMS is its advanced compensation algorithm, which guarantees precision in measuring even the tiniest liquid quantity. The system is engineered to endure harsh environmental conditions, ensuring that users can consistently achieve pinpoint measurement accuracy and exceptional control efficiency. Furthermore, it boasts a unique batch control feature, custom-tailored for seamless integration with the BMS.




At the heart of the BMS lies Walsn's UniMass flowmeters, a new generation of the company’s Coriolis flowmeter. This upgraded version introduces optimized tube designs and novel Coriolis Sensor Electronics (CSE), enabling faster computation and bolstering measurement stability. Beyond just mass flow data, UniMass can also provide valuable insights into fluid density, temperature, volumetric flow, totalized flow, and concentration in real time.


The versatility of the BMS makes it an invaluable tool for a wide array of applications. These include industries such as new energy, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, oil, chemicals, water treatment, food production, new materials, and metallurgy. With its adaptability and advanced measurement capabilities, the BMS is set to become a pivotal asset for industries requiring precise batch flow measurement and control solutions.


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