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Time:2023-10-23 11:35

In a significant milestone, the S Alam Supercritical Coal Power Plant marked the successful completion of the 168-hour commissioning for its first unit on October 22, following its connection to the national power grid earlier this year. This achievement comes hot on the heels of a similar success with the second unit, with both units demonstrating stability and excellence in all tested parameters.


The commissioning process received crucial technical guidance from Walsn's engineers, emphasizing the commitment to ensuring the smooth operation of the power plant. Walsn's measurement instruments played a pivotal role during the commissioning, proving their reliability in contributing to the success of this crucial phase.


As the S Alam Supercritical Coal Power Plant continues to make substantial contributions to Bangladesh's power infrastructure and national experience in the use and construction of supercritical generation systems, the collaborative efforts between the plant and Walsn underscore the importance of cutting-edge technology and expertise in meeting the growing energy demands of the community.