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pCAM Lithium Battery Materials Synthesis Controls

Time:2023-08-11 10:45

Walsn Control System Equipment (Langfang) Co., Ltd. (Walsn-CSE) announces an intention to cooperate with a sustainable materials supplier in Kentucky, United States. The client’s project is the development of a 10,000 metric ton-per-year pCAM Synthesis Material Feeding system. Walsn-CSE will supply its Energy Materials Synthesis Control System (EMSCS) and related solutions to this project.


EMSCS is the core equipment for the process of Lithium battery precursor materials. It has a unique dosing model with extremely high accuracy, and improves the control precision of precursor synthesis from 0.3% to 0.2%. It also reduces costs related to this reaction process. 


As a subsidiary of Walsn Group, Walsn-CSE plays a vital role in Walsn’s brand strategies. It focuses on new and green energy technologies, and help customers solve difficulties in their manufacturing processes. With the passion to grow as a top-tier supplier of integral fluid control solution in the growing lithium industry, it also helps modern factories achieve their automation, digital and intelligent manufacturing capabilities.


Based on this milestone of cooperation with the client in Kentucky, Walsn-CSE is ready for serving more users in markets across North America and Europe.