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Walsn Gathers Together to Make Great Achievements

Time:2023-03-07 11:09

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More than 200 employees of Walsn came together for the Walsn China Annual Meeting Ceremony 2023, held in Langfang at the beginning of March. The meeting was to inspire and congratulate the Walsn team for their successes in the past year, and to encourage all to bring their best to customers and business partners in the future.


2022 was a good year for Walsn. In spite of the difficulties caused by the global covid pandemic, sales revenue increased by more than 70%. This achievement was rewarded by special awards to Walsn employees in several different categories: Top Sales, the Most Excellent Individuals and Teams, and Special Contribution during the Pandemic. Many of those awarded were introduced with video introductions that showed their great deeds for all to see.


One prize-winning service engineer was quoted on the event, “It was truly a day to remember. Thank Walsn for recognizing our efforts. Due to the pandemic, we experienced three hard years, but Walsn did not flinch in the face of the challenge. It always focused on improving its product and service quality, and also cared its employees so that we could attentively devote to our work. Walsn makes me believe that all the efforts we made will pay off.”


We’ve been greatly honored by this success and look forward to building a year of success even better than the last. For further details and information on how Walsn can contribute to your operational success, please contact us at info@walsn.com.