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Ahead of the curve in Cambodia

Time:2022-12-13 11:00

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Affordable energy is one of the strongest signs of growing prosperity, and a great representative of this growth is the CIIDG–Huadian Sihanoukville Coal Power Plant. Built in the coastal district of Stung Hav in Cambodia, CIIDG is the largest power generation project in Cambodia  and is coming online ahead of schedule. Bringing down the cost of electricity and making supply more stable promotes economic and social development and increases local prosperity.


Walsn is happy to contribute to this project, supplying flame detection systems for the combustion units. Management of flame quality increases combustion and thermal efficiency of coal firing. CIIDG, which is planned to have a generating capacity of 5.2 billion kWh annually, was slated to come online in 2023. In December 2022, the plant has been successfully connected to the grid. Both coal-fired units are currently being examined and expected to be in operation before January 2023. Walsn continues to support this project, with engineers providing technical training, guidance and verification. Walsn is committed to seeing through their contribution to this growing prosperity.


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