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Let the vodka flow! With Walsn Coriolis flowmeters

Time:2022-08-19 13:11

Who says Mass Flowmeters can’t be used everywhere, or for anything? Walsn has made an agreement to continuously supply flowmeters and related products to a distillery company in Uzbekistan, to measure flow and concentration for the manufacture of vodka and other alcohol spirits. In this agreement, Walsn will work with this client to supply better flow and process control, improve its accuracy of measurement, and increase operational efficiency and cost-savings. At the same time, Walsn’s international service team will provide technical support and guidance to satisfy the technical needs of the distillery.


Walsn’s US (U-pipe twin flow tube) and VS (V-pipe twin flow tube) Coriolis flowmeters function in a wide variety of conditions and for a wide range of flow materials, including food and chemical industries. If you have a unique flow problem that needs precise measurement, or improvement of an existing pipeline process, Walsn would be happy to develop a bespoke solution for your needs. Please contact us at info@walsn.com.