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BCWWA Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence

Time:2022-05-05 13:45


The BC Water & Waste Association (BCWWA) approaches its 50th anniversary, and Walsn is proud to be part of “Celebrating our Water Community” as a participant. The BCWWA’s call for collaboration and stories of success excite us to bring our services and product development to the forefront.


In every implemented system of water management excellence, there is a need for measurement and process control – and for this need, Walsn has it covered. For waste, gas, liquid, slurry or other fluids, volumes large or small, Walsn has available a wide range of products for pressure, Coriolis or electromagnetic flow measurement, and related systems for flow and process control.


The world continues to face new and daunting challenges in industry and new applications development, but trusting in the history of Walsn’s achievements and the water-sector at large, the BCWWA can remain confident in its past successes and look forward with surety into the future. And Walsn will be right along with it, eager to push the envelope. Contact us for what innovations we can help with, for you. Reach us at info@walsn.com