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Walsn Energy lands new patents

Time:2022-06-10 13:06

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This month, Walsn Group is pleased to report that its subsidiary Walsn Energy has been granted two new patents for its process control and optimization products. These patents were granted by the China National Intellectual Property Administration for new designs of an on-line pulverized fuel monitoring & optimization system (FMVC) and the Combustion Efficiency Analyzing System (CEA-1000) reported on previously.



This system (CEA-1000) measures multi-parameter combustion efficiency with CO and/or oxygen concentrations, providing more choices for different operating conditions of combustion systems. The CEA-1000 is well-suited for steelmaking furnaces, coal-fired boilers, incinerators, and other high-temperature combustion systems.



Energy conservation and emission reduction are the two main themes of coal-fired power plants. To optimize combustion, it is necessary and important to add pulverized fuel (PF) flowmeters and flow control and balancing devices for boiler combustion, both to ensure combustion efficiency and to meet the requirements of low NOx emission.


If you are interested or would like to know more about these developments or other technologies Walsn is preparing to serve the energy and process control sector, please contact us at info@walsn.com