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Education Collaboration between Tianjin University and Walsn

Time:2022-04-28 15:05

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Since the summer of 2021, Walsn has collaborated with Tianjin University, supplying instrumentation to the Flow Laboratory in School of Electrical Automation and Information Engineering. Students used them to demonstrate deep understanding of the working theory and principles of flow behavior and regimes within the system.


These instruments were used by both graduates and undergraduates for various practical experiments in flow control-related classes. At the level of undergraduate study, flowmeters were used for teaching measurement and signal acquisition. For graduate students, they were used in experimental facilities for scientific research projects; for example as calibration instruments for the micro flow calibration facility. Walsn’s flow instruments were precise and capable to verify the practicability and accuracy of the whole facility.


So far, instruments offered by Walsn have helped students successfully gather measurement data at different stages, including the flow rate, cumulative total flow, uncertainty, linearity, and repeatability. Through practical examples and physical measurements with Walsn instrumentation, students gained understanding of the system design and working principles of their whole experimental facility.

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