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BCWWA 2021 Virtual Conference: Coming Together To Embrace Change

Time:2021-06-24 08:59

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The 2021 BC Water & Waste Association (BCWWA) Virtual Conference & Trade Show took place on June 1st and 2nd and became a significant and truly memorable event which aimed to bring together to connect, engage, learn, and share.

This year’s theme - Navigating Changing Tides for the conference showcases how the water industry has heroically risen to the challenge, how creative collaboration and hard work served for the adoption of the most innovative and advanced ways that help the industry solve problems and embrace change brought on by the pandemic.

In the meantime, this event helped the industry become more aware of factors on how the obstacles the water sector faced – and continues to face – expose both alarming risks and exciting new opportunities. And the mechanisms revealed by experts will help us empower the industry to utilize these difficult times as an opportunity to drive positive change by reevaluating safety protocols, or implementing new technology.

As a socially responsible manufacturer, Walsn has always been focusing on the BCWWA and its conferences and events on water and waste water. This year’s event became an opportunity for water and wastewater professionals to come together virtually and reflect. It helped discover and apply the lessons learnt from past and current challenges in the water industry and brought Walsn new visions to constantly provide and improve quality products that satisfy the changing needs of the end-user. This input ensures that the water community can overcome any obstacle to deliver safe and reliable water services today and in the future.