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Walsn’s Reliable Customers and Their Success

Time:2021-05-21 11:03

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Achieving success is a key target of fundamental importance for the companies in our field, where each company has to operate well in order to survive in a competitive business environment. Years long operational experience proves that strong competition generates diligent and longer hours of work, where only a combination of multiple measurables such as qualified specialists, quality leadership and consistent management can accelerate company success. 

The partnerships established between Walsn and its customers are proven to be long-lasting in the result of the faithful commitment of Walsn’s team to timely perform all requisite tasks and to serve our customers’ success in the first place. Our customers have always benefited from the partnership with Walsn and have been showing great results in their work areas. 

The latest success of the biggest thermal power plant located in Bangladesh, the 1,320MW Payra Thermal Power Plant, which has been one of the reliable customers of Walsn for years, is one of the brightest examples of our service to customers’ triumph. 

We are glad to share that the Payra Power Plant has been awarded the Silver Award by the International Project Management Association (IPMA) in 2020. The Award was the top prize in the IPMA energy industry for 2020. The IPMA celebrates outstanding project management achievements by nominating and recognizing the companies, with the purpose of supporting their exemplary results achieved in project management. 

The Payra Thermal Power Plant has achieved new heights by elevating its workloads to new levels. Two units of this plant have started generating electricity in 2020. The first unit of the plant has established its commercial operation on May 14, 2020, while the second one on December 8.  

Since last year, Walsn's team has been working up to our customer’s desired outcome and has been determined to improve the plant’s operation efficiency and stability through its analytic instruments. The Flame Detection System, the Combustion Efficiency System and the Sulphuric Acid Dewpoint Temperature Monitor installed in the two units by our specialists have provided systematic and structural bases for the plants’ stronger performance.

We actively think about our customers’ entire journey, and there is no greater excitement and inspiration for Walsn’s team than to hold up to our customer’s growth and watch their accomplishments. 

Combustion Efficiency Analyzer


Flame Detection System


Sulphuric Acid Dewpoint Temperature Monitor