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Walsn’s Asia-pacific service team’s recent inspection on Kendari Power

Time:2021-04-12 11:43


Back in 2017, Walsn’s Mill & Silo Monitoring System (MSM-100) was successfully installed in the coal-fired Kendari power plant located in South-East Sulawesi area, in Indonesia. Over the past few years, the system proved to operate stably and effectively in this plant, thanks to the professional work performed by Walsn’s service team.

To ensure continuous stability & long-term operation of the MSM-100 System, Walsn's service team recently paid a visit on the power plant for the product inspection purposes. Number of services were provided during the visit, such as the efficiently created service portfolio, including the trustworthy failure diagnosis and handling, calibration and maintenance training, etc.

With the help of advanced professionals of Walsn’s service team, relevant failures were solved, potential risks were removed, as well as safe and constant operation of the power plant was ensured. 

The engineers, operators and owners of the plant in Indonesia agreed that Walsn's support added tremendous value to the plant and they highly praised the service team's professional attitude, high-quality performance in service and exceptional technical skills. 

Our partners are well aware that Walsn shares many fundamental values with them and that among our main objectives are to provide safe and secure measurement systems and maintain long-lasting successful cooperation with our partners. We know that the best way to succeed is to help others succeed, so we build and improve our work ethics on day to day basis accordingly.