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Flame Detection System in Bangladesh Payra Power Plant Furnace

Time:2020-04-29 15:03


Recently, the Bangladesh Payra thermal power plant announced that its first unit(660MW) had been put into operation, utilizing the commissioned 400 kV Payra–Gopalganj power transmission. According to a top official at the North West Power Generation Company Ltd. (NWPGCL), they have successfully commissioned the first unit as per their schedule.


So far, the plant has completed the 720-hour reliability test of the first unit, ensuring its reliability and stability.

Walsn's Flame Detection System has been working well during the 720-hour reliability running and efficiently assisting the plant operators in timely monitoring the flame combustion situation in the furnace.

Walsn's Flame Detection System


The Walsn Flame Detection System (FDS) is an essential component of the detection system for coal fuel, gas, and oil Furnace Safeguard Supervisory System (FSSS), which widely applies to power plants, steel and cement factories, chemical industries, and other industries that utilize a fuel burning system.

The Walsn FDS carries out real-time detection based on the physical property of flame. Once the flame status is abnormal or the flame is off, the signal will be given as a fault alarm to the FSSS, which will then suspend the fuel supply and avoid accumulating the combustible materials in the burner and prevent the boiler from possible explosion.


-The Walsn Flame Detection System collects and enlarges the flame signal.

-Estimates whether the flame exists or not via a series of calculations.

-The system outputs different flame quality information regarding each burner in the real time.

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