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Smart Combustion Control System

Time:2020-09-01 09:18

Walsn flue CO-based boiler combustion optimization control system (SCCS-COF) effectively improving the boiler efficiency

Walsn SCCS-COF system can effectively improve the boiler efficiency by about 0.3% on average and save 1 gram of coal per kilowatt hour (kWh) while meeting the emission requirements. The system has been successfully installed in coal-fired power plants including Zhanjiang Power Plant, Haimen Power Plant and Tieling Power Plant and highly approved by its users.  


(1) The system monitors the flue gas (CO) in boilers in real time. 

(2) Providing real-time recommended values (total air volume / oxygen content) for the boiler combustion operation.

(3) Providing real-time calculation and indications related to boiler combustion efficiency, safety and environmental protection. The system’s technical and economic indicators include the boiler combustion efficiency and boiler heat losses as well as the environmental indicators such as NOx target value.

(4) Smart and automatic control of the total air volume. The system can be switched between automatic and manual modes.