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Performances in Yuhuan Power

Time:2008-03-18 11:22

[March 18, 2008]

Yesterday, Mr. Owen. Cheung, the general manager in Walsn, along with several engineers visited Yuhuan Power in regarded to how to increase combustion efficiency and reduce the cost caused by down-time of burners. With the approval of the project manager in this plant, engineers from Walsn gave an instruction on the advanced and unique features of flame detectors with site performances.

"We have used a lot of different products before, but those instruments couldn't provide us the stable and exact data," said Mr.Liu, the director of PMC department, "Today, after knowing your product, we found it's more applicable and hope can build up a long-term cooperation relationship with Walsn in the future," he added.

Meanwhile, Owen committed to keep the products quality and develop more advanced products for customers' needs.

Yuhuan Power is one of the leading powers in China. It is the main electric supplier for entire china southern area.