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Walsn Focuses on New Technologies

Time:2011-03-03 11:02

Walsn Focuses on New Technologies

[March 3,2011]

There is ever-heightening interest in the industry's environmental performance. Measuring that environmental performance remains an on-going challenge, particularly in the generation of electricity – both for the performance of conventional generation technologies, and alternatives. CEA member companies recognize the public desire for continuous improvement in the environmental performance of generation portfolios, and for information on how that performance is measured.

CEA member companies have formed an Environmentally Preferable Power (EPP) Task Group to address questions around environmental performance of the generation mix. CEA member companies are investing in a range of new technologies. Perhaps more importantly, member companies continue to make improvements to conventional technologies in order to reduce environmental impacts. CEA and its member companies engage regularly with government on industry activities in these areas and where possible cooperate with government on pilot projects and other new developments. In particular, the EPP Task Group is:

(1) Investigating methods of measuring performance.

(2) Participating in debate on other certification methodologies.

(3) Engaging in on-going discussions with the Government of Canada on new technologies.

(4) Supporting on-going policy dialogue on alternative power.

Walsn Enterprises Ltd. will contribute to new technologies to improve power plants operation security and reduce environmental impacts.

As one of leading enterprises in this field, Walsn supplies emission & process control, optimized combustion, efficiency improving, energy saving system and tailored solutions. All of Walsn products are made by international standard materials and meet international requirements. Walsn will continue to research and develop new advanced technologies to keep up with world's developing steps and satisfy our customers' new needs. For more information about Walsn, please visit our web site at