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Walsn marketing division annual meeting:Asia numbers are looking good

Time:2011-01-16 11:04

Taken place in London Plaza, Richmond, BC, Canada on January 10-12, 2011, the Annual Meeting of Walsn Enterprises Ltd. marketing division was reported to host a series of victories. Among the attendants were Walsn's top marketing and sales representatives from New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA, China and Vietnam, who one by one presented their annual sales reports along with the challenges they have faced this year and the accomplishments that were achieved by their teams in their authorized areas.

The meeting's content consisted mainly of 2010 sales reports and while all markets in which Walsn is active have had a very good year, the Asian market had taken a giant leap forward with a 60% increase in sales in China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam in comparison with former years. Walsn directors and board had taken the opportunity to express their great satisfaction with 2010 sales rate and their hope for further development in the future regarding the Asian market as well as the rest of the world.

After summarizing and reviewing 2010's challenges and accomplishments, the meeting's participants turned to dealing with future prospects and plans for 2011. Nowadays Walsn has company offices located in New Zealand, USA and China. Throughout 2011 the company is planning to launch new offices in at least three more countries – India, Vietnam and Pakistan. These new offices will enable Walsn to keep closer contact with it's customers all over Asia and maintain a constant development and improvement of it's services.

The meeting was adjourned with all sales representatives expressing their continuing commitment to Walsn Enterprises Ltd.'s vision and core values of high quality customer service, transparency, reliability, cutting-edge technology, energy saving and environmental protection.