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New Feature for Walsn CMF

Time:2016-06-28 10:09


The Walsn Research and Development Department has worked hard to implement an important new feature to the Coriolis Mass Flowmeter (CMF) product line and are proud to announce isothermal operation for the CMF.

This was accomplished using an insulated cover that is fastened to the existing CMF enclosure. The enclosure contains high quality thermal insulation with a thermal regulation tube. The thermal insulation reduces the temperature fluctuation experienced by process fluids passing through a typical Coriolis Mass Flowmeter. The thermal regulation pipe is used to compensate for any temperature changes that do occur due to environment or even while being passed through process piping to the next stage of the process.


Typical Features

• Constant fluid temperature.

• Maintain factory accuracy.

• Connection options.

• The thermal regulation pipe can be used for either hot or cold fluids e.g. steam or refrigerant

Constant fluid temperature is maintained to prevent possible undesired changes in process fluid properties due to temperature fluctuations caused by environmental conditions.

Every Walsn CMF is calibrated prior to leaving the factory, the addition of 3rd party insulating materials to maintain a constant temperature could impact the operation and accuracy of the flowmeter.

The thermal regulation pipe can be equipped with a variety of flange connections ensuring easy on-site installation and connection.

The thermal regulation pipe can use either hot or cold fluids to maintain constant process temperature, e.g. the use of steam or refrigerant

Potential Applications

• High-viscosity liquids and liquids with temperature sensitive viscosities (Pitch, Glue, etc.)

• Liquids near boiling temperature (Liquid propylene, Butane, etc.)

• Gases near their condensation point (Steam, Ethanol, etc.)