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Boya Oh Boy!

Time:2024-07-08 00:00


There is no greater excitement and inspiration for Walsn’s team than to watch the growth and accomplishments of its clients and Walsn’s team working together.


Back in 2021, Walsn was awarded a contract for Combustion Efficiency Analyzers for the Boya Coal Power Plant in Muara Enim county, in Indonesia. It is with immense satisfaction Walsn can declare this project has been running well since its completion. Additional debugging and testing on all instruments was recently carried out to ensure all systems were working well. The result of this project will be the increasing provision of inexpensive energy in Sumatera Selatan and Indonesia as a whole. Inexpensive, reliable energy is a sure method of industrial and economic growth, and Walsn delights its contributions to this sector.


To find out more about Walsn Combustion Efficiency Analyzers or other process control systems, please inquire at info@walsn.com.