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Do it right the first time: one-shot accurate batch control

Time:2024-03-25 14:18

Recently, Walsn Control System Equipment (Langfang) Co., Ltd. (Walsn-CSE) reached a cooperation agreement on the Indonesia QMB Research Institute Phase II Project, and a laboratory project with GEM Co., Ltd.


As one of Walsn-CSE’s important business partners, GEM authorized Walsn-CSE to supply the Energy Materials Batch Control System (EM-BCS) equipment for their tank and flow controls, including the material storage tank, mixture tank, and elevated tank.


At the batching stage, Walsn’s EM-BCS helps the user carry out accurate and repeatable batching, and improve the batch process, to such a degree that the quantity is accurate from the first shot. In this project the batch control functioned through accurate measurement of filtered particles and magnetic substances.


After batching, the material dosing is sent to the elevated tank through the related skid conveyor prior to the reaction stage. Then the material is accurately fed into the reactor through the Energy Materials Synthesis Control System (EM-SCS), and the nickel-cobalt-manganese hydroxide is obtained through co-sedimentation reaction in the reactor. The feeding process involves keeping tight control of various modes including the PH, proportional and other related modes to control the feeding system.


Also, Walsn-CSE will be responsible for supplying relevant tanks for the hydro-metallurgical processes of the laboratory project.



About GEM Co. Ltd.

GEM is a global leader in waste recycling, and a top-tier supply chain company in tungsten carbide production and the new energy industries. Its core product, ternary precursor materials for power batteries represents over 15% of the world market, and serves the global new energy vehicle market transition from "green manufacture" to "manufacturing green." GEM's shipments of cobalt tetroxide for 3C digital batteries rank in the top three, accounting for over 20% of the global market.


It has operations in South Africa, South Korea, Indonesia, and other countries.


About Walsn-CSE

As a subsidiary of Walsn Group, Walsn-CSE has become a leading company that supplies process and batch control solutions for many ternary precursor projects. Walsn-CSE is also the first company in its sector to reach accuracy as fine as 0.3% percentile. Among its clients are global industry leaders, including GEM and KroHne. Walsn-CSE focuses on manufacturing high-quality products to help customers reduce costs and improve efficiency based on its values - Customer first with creating mutual benefits. This helps it become the first choice for many customers.