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Walsn gets Lucky (Power)

Time:2021-12-15 11:41


Lucky Electric Power Co.’s plant now approaches commissioning. After two years of construction, the supercritical plant will be put into service and generate power for more than 2 million local households, with a capacity of 4.5 billion kWh annually. A project which Walsn is proud to support.

“Lucky Electric Power Company Limited (LEPCL) is committed to provide green energy solutions… to serve its customers and stakeholders by lighting up a path towards sustainable community development,” stated Pakistan-based LEPCL.

The plant uses supercritical technology to better utilize local lignite coal resources. Supercriticality allows low combustion-efficiency fuel to be burned more completely, allowing Pakistan to maximize its energy self-sufficiency and reduce the burden of coal imports.

During commissioning, plant engineers reported that Walsn provided a significant role in the process of installing, testing and operating the Walsn flame detection system. Technical support and guidance provided by Walsn allowed the commissioning to go ahead smoothly and stably, as the safety system will go on to safeguard the plant and the area into the future.

As always, Walsn appreciates every opportunity from every customer, and will continuously focus on product and service quality, improving customer satisfaction.

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