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Fully upgraded Walsn oxygen analyzer series providing users with more choices

Time:2021-10-11 10:50

In many industrial production processes, accurate oxygen and flammable gas measurement is critical and important. Walsn oxygen analyzer series are analytical instruments used to measure the concentration of oxygen contained in flue gas during combustion and other non-flammable gases. It can monitor the potential safety hazards caused by the accumulation of combustible gas in petrochemical plants, control the best combustion efficiency of fuel gas, or perform quality testing of flue gas emissions from industrial furnaces for heat treatment.

The new development has made the application range of the upgraded oxygen analyzer series even wider. The updated series can provide customers with a variety of options and more suitable technical solutions in the fields of biomass fuel power generation, heating furnaces, coal-fired thermal power generation, kilns, petrochemicals, incinerators, gas/oil-fired power generation, ships and other fields.


New models available

Walsn explosion-proof oxygen analyzers (OAM-802, BOA-807) have the characteristics of fast response, high accuracy, and good reliability, which enable users to directly use the measurement data for combustion control. Especially in measuring the residual oxygen content after the kiln burns coal, it has achieved higher accuracy results.

The explosion-proof oxygen analyzers can provide timely adjustment basis for the kiln combustion control system. The fixed installation mode eliminates the problems of inaccurate measurement and non-continuous monitoring by portable oxygen analyzers. The data measured by the explosion-proof oxygen analyzers can intervene the combustion process in advance to make the nitrogen oxide emissions controllable.



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Used in electric power, oil refining, chemical, natural gas, steel, and non-ferrous metallurgical industries



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Applicable to boilers, heating furnaces, rotary kilns, and incinerators



·         Suitable for a variety of working conditions

·         Two installation methods: integral and remote

·         Advanced sensor diagnosis functions

·         Accurate and reliable sensors easy to install and operate

·         A wide temperature range, covering medium temperature (650-900 degrees Celsius) and normal temperature (less than 650 degrees Celsius)

·         Sensors made of platinum and zirconia to improve their integrity and prolong service life

·         Filter made of sulfide silicon material, which effectively prevents soot particles from penetrating into the sensor


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