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Walsn’s analytical instruments in the second unit of Bangladesh Payra Power Plant

Time:2020-09-28 16:25

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The Payra Thermal Power Plant announced that its second unit had started generating electricity on a trial basis on August 27, 2020. 

The second unit is now supplying 100MW of electricity to the national grid on a trial basis. For September, various tests will be conducted and the plant's power generation will gradually increase to 660MW, according to the Project Director Helal Shah Abdul Mawla.

The first unit of the plant started its commissioning on January 13 and began commercial operation on May 14 this year.

As the designated supplier of analytical instruments for the plant, Walsn has successfully installed the Flame Detection System, the Combustion Efficiency System and the Sulphuric Acid Dewpoint Temperature Monitor in two units, helping the plant improve operation efficiency and stability.

Walsn’s Flame Detection System


Walsn Flame Detection System (FDS) is an essential component of the detection system for coal fuel, gas, and oil Furnace Safeguard Supervisory System (FSSS), which widely applies to power plants, steel and cement factories, chemical industries, and other industries that utilize a fuel burning system. 

Walsn FDS carries out real-time detection based on the physical property of flame. Once the flame status is abnormal or the flame is off, the signal will be given as a fault alarm to the FSSS, which will then suspend the fuel supply and avoid accumulating the combustible materials in the burner and prevent the boiler from possible explosion.


- Walsn Flame Detection System collects and processes the flame signal.

-Estimates whether the flame exists or not via a series of calculations. 

-The system outputs different flame quality information regarding each burner in real time.

Combustion Efficiency Analyzer


CEA-100 combustion efficiency analyzer continuously detects the contents of carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O₂) in flue gas based on duplicate sensor technology. It provides an accurate, reliable and economical solution for boiler efficiency measurement. Designed for ease of maintenance and built for the industrial environment, CEA-100 is simple to install and robust to operate.


--Cutting-edge technology and free from disturbances such as loading, coal, etc.

--Effective to achieve minimum heat loss and maximum combustion efficiency

--A novel method to control combustion – adjusting the air volume through analyzing concentration of CO and O₂

--Continuously monitoring and preventing high temperature corrosion on water wall tubes

Sulphuric Acid Dewpoint Temperature Monitor


WADT 200-II is a portable acid dew point temperature detector, which can directly, accurately and reliably measure the acid dew point in flue gas. The temperature at which the sulfuric acid vapor in the boiler flue gas begins to condense is called the acid dew point. The importance in the measurement is to control the appropriate exhaust gas temperature, improve the boiler thermal efficiency, and reduce acid corrosion.

WADT 200-II can directly measure the dew point temperature of sulfuric acid and calculate the minimum metal tube wall temperature (MMT), H2SO4 concentration and SO3 concentration. They have been widely used in oil/coal boiler plants, fuel backup systems, ore emulsification plants, diesel combustion systems, fuel additive MgO delivery systems, denitration systems, furnace emissions, acid plants, and fertilizer plants.


--Integrated analog output and advanced diagnostic functions

--Easy and quick detection with less maintenance

--Equipped with multiple data interfaces to suit different applications

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