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Mill Monitoring System for coal-fired power plants in India

Time:2010-07-24 11:15

Walsn announces signing a purchase agreement for supplying

Walsn Enterprises Ltd. announces signing a purchase agreement with R.K.M. Powergen Pvt. Ltd. for supplying Mill Monitoring System for coal-fired power plants in northeast China on July 2010.

Based in Chennai, India, R.K.M. Powergen Pvt. Ltd. is an investor in coal based power plants, and is a joint venture company between R.K. Powergen Pvt. Ltd. and Mudajaya Corporation Bhd. The company professionalizes in the electricity industry and it's offices were launched in India as well as in Malaysia.

The communication process

The communication was held by the designing institute, which specializes in supporting the complete outline of the coal-fired power plant invested by R.K.M Powergen Pvt. Ltd. The participants include Walsn Enterprises Ltd. engineers and sales representatives situated in China along with R.K.M Powergen Pvt. Ltd. engineers.

During the product introduction communication, Walsn engineers had instructed R.K.M technique representatives through the functions, applications and related details of the product. In addition, Walsn engineers took the time to carefully listen to all the questions presented by R.K.M. and answer each of them thoroughly. By the end of the two-day communication process, Walsn and R.K.M. had signed the purchase agreement which guarantees that R.K.M. Will be provided with Walsn's cutting-edge technology and high-quality products, as well as with the impeccable service that is Walsn's trademark.

The product

The purchased product, MSM-100, is a monitoring system specifically designed to continuously detect carbon monoxide (CO) in pulverizing mills. The high level of CO produced by any incomplete combustion process is used by the MSM-100 system as an advance warning of a mill fire. It is suitable for any coal or peat system where advance warning of spontaneous combustion is required.

The relationship

Many reasons had lead R.K.M. towards collaboration with Walsn, but without a doubt it was Walsn's high-quality products and exceptionally reliable service that won R.K.M's trust, as was stated by Mr. Nagarajan, Executive Director for R.K.M: "Walsn's Mill Monitoring System is of very high-quality, extremely reliable and definitely satisfies our needs".