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Walsn Increases Scientific Research Cooperation with University of Kent

Time:2010-07-19 11:37

In order to enhance the scientific research cooperation being built between the Walsn Enterprises Ltd. research team and School of Engineering and Digital Arts of University of Kent's team, the director of Walsn has been invited by Professor Yong Yan, Head of ICES Research Group at University of Kent, to visit the university's research laboratories and additional collaborative research groups. The director was also invited to attend a school research seminar and to participate in meetings with Professor Yan and Professor Sarah Spurgeon, Director of the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, for the purpose of discussing collaborative research work between Walsn and the university.

Professor Yong Yan had received his Ph.D. Degree from Teesside University, UK, in 1992 and is currently a Professor of electronic instrumentation and Head of Instrumentation and Embedded Systems Research Group at the University of Kent, UK. Professor Yan has been active in the field of instrumentation and measurement for almost twenty years and had published over 140 research papers. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics (UK) and the Institute of Measurement and Control (UK), and also a member of four UK national technical committees and expert panels. He was awarded the Achievement Medal by the Institution of Electrical Engineering (UK) in 2003.

During the meeting held between the director of Walsn Enterprises Ltd. and Professor Yan, the director had informed the Professor of the company's vision and future plans, which include the continuing strive for higher quality and higher technology production for the benefit of its customers and the environment. Professor Yan had reported his latest research and new technologies to the director, and by the end of this communication, they agreed to enhance cooperation in the future.

In addition to Walsn Director's visit to the University of Kent, he had also been invited to attend the International Conference on Intelligent Systems held in London on July 2010. This forum was an opportunity for scientists from all over the world to share ideas and achievements in the theory and practice of intelligent control and much more. The IEEE conferences were established as scientific forums that gather only quality papers and presentations that meet high scientific standards, and Walsn Enterprises Ltd. is delighted to participate in an initiative of such tremendous contribution to the international scientific community.