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Founded in British Columbia, Canada, Walsn Enterprises Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial automation instruments, providing customized solutions across the globe.

We manufacture four lines of products, including Flowmeter Series, Analytical Meters, Safety Instruments, and Pressure Meters.

Constantly seeking higher levels of perfection, precision and performance, at WALSN we are committed to our role as technology leaders in our field for years to come.

We are making measurement more efficient for a better control.

Our Goal, Strategy and Policy

Having achieved great success in the field of industrial automation, our goal is to grow sustainably by expanding into more emerging and stable markets. Our strategy is to attract the most talented individuals. Our policy is to provide industry leading compensation, career training, and a workplace welcoming of people of all backgrounds.

Benefits for Clients

We work with our industrial business partners in a high-pressure global market environment where everything has to flow smoothly, and progress can be precisely measured.

In the realm of industrial automation technology, our passion and our purpose are to ensure our clients save time and money by using our market-leading flow-meters and safety instruments.

We help companies grow with the flow. We help our clients improve their industrial automation processes by reducing emissions, controlling operating and maintenance costs, and maximizing value at every stage of operation.

Our Partners

Walsn is committed to constant improvement and innovation in global measurement and control technology.

Through our research and development alliances with Canada’s WALSNSFU, Kent University, and China's Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and other leading research institutes around the world, we make sure our new technology meets and exceeds international industry standards. Investing in robust research and development methodologies has strengthened WALSN’s products, and helped us push the boundaries of efficient design, enduring product quality and high technical performance.

Our Team

Walsn's most valuable asset is its people. We make significant investments in this asset, and it pays dividends in the form of efficiency, engagement, and innovation. We share our successes with our clients through our 3S model:

- Spreading expertise

- Strengthening relationships

- Surpassing expectations

Our Mission and Vision

The fundamental role of Walsn is to create value for its partners. As a global wave of investment takes place in smart industry design, WALSN is finding new ways to cooperate with our partners, offering tailored and industry-leading solutions and creating added-value with customized problem-solving designs and adaptable and responsive products, services and strategies to achieve mutual growth.

WALSN: where every client’s success is made to measure.

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