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Environment & Natural Resources

Time:2020-06-08 16:07

Walsn always tries to expand our product portfolio and develop the industry chain. Besides our main industry areas, we also provide products to pulp & paper industry and water & wastewater industry. We aim to help our customers build a more cost-effective and environment-friendly operating process.

Pulp & Paper

The Pulp & Paper industry relies on renewable natural resources. The efficient use of raw materials and energy is the core drivers to achieve the sustainability targets needed, and to produce high-quality products and solutions. Walsn supplies high-performance measurement technology aimed at helping our customers achieve higher production efficiency and significant cost savings throughout the paper manufacturing process. The flowmeters we provide can be used for sticky or adhesive substances like glue and paste, or highly abrasive slurries.

Water supply and wastewater treatment

Supplying reliable drinking water to the population and treating wastewater sustainably are two very important global challenges. We provide products and services that help water plants to perform efficiently, safely, continuously and cost-effectively.

Products for Environment & natural resources:

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