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Time:2019-09-02 14:10

Mining processing and steel production applications present challenges in terms of maintaining measurement accuracy, reliability and equipment uptime. As a trusted partner, Walsn provides the specialist measuring equipment and innovative measurement solutions to help our customers meet the demanding process requirements and sharpen their competitive edge. We are dedicated to:

Keep your plant safe to meet high safety requirements

Using operating resources cost-efficiently to reduce your metal and mineral production costs

Increase the plant uptimes to gain the best possible product yield.

Paying great attention to environmental compliance and responsibility to ensure our customers meet water and air emission regulations.

We offer flexible instrumentation that can be customised for specific processes.

Walsn Coriolis meters and electromagnetic flowmeters can be used in the measurement of abrasive mining slurries or dusty aggregates in quarries to coolants in steel mills.

We also have a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) that can be widely applied to applications (e.g. boilers, industrial furnace and waste incineration) where continuous monitoring of the composition of the generated flue gas is required.

The WADT 200-II is a portable acid dewpoint temperature detector that will directly, accurately, and reliably measure the acid dewpoint of the flue gas to avoid acid content formation damaging the flue.

A series of oxygen analysers are ideal for continuously measuring the oxygen concentration of flue gases in boilers and furnaces.

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