Founded in British Columbia, Canada, Walsn Enterprises Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial automation instruments, providing customized solutions across the globe.

Having achieved great success in the field of industrial automation, our goal is to grow sustainably by expanding into more emerging and stable markets. Our strategy is to attract the most talented individuals. Our policy is to provide industry leading compensation, career training, and a workplace welcoming of people of all backgrounds.

Walsn's most valuable asset is its people. We make significant investments in this asset, and it pays dividends in the form of efficiency, engagement, and innovation. We share our successes with our clients through our 3S model:
- Spreading expertise
- Strengthening relationships
- Surpassing expectations

We have a deep understanding of the value our products generate for you. Reliability, low maintenance requirements, high performance, and ease of use are what guarantee a positive user-experience. We provide:
− Reliable designs proven by rigorous testing
− Streamlined production processes within our state-of-the-art manufacturing system
− Advanced modular designs for demand driven product configuration, giving the best performance for your application

We actively seek your feedback. To facilitate this, we’ve established regional service centers across the globe.
- Our technical experts will always address your concerns thoroughly.
- Our global service network responds quickly to minimize your down time.
- Our recommendations are always tailored to your situation to solve your problems and lower your costs.

Finding the right product and getting it up and running can be a daunting task, but we’ll be shoulder to shoulder with you through the entire process.

Walsn helps to diminish negative environmental impacts by developing and promoting products that reduce the emission of harmful substances. We continuously expand relationships and reach out to these and other organizations that help us support sustainable development. Together, we are exploring new ways our core businesses might provide solutions to the world's challenges.

The fundamental role of Walsn is to create value for its partners. We seek feedback from our customers and employees to determine the best way to create this value. Combining these ideas with our expertise and capabilities, we promise to offer: Today’s Quality for Tomorrow’s World!

Walsn Enterprises Ltd.

Address: 2491 Vauxhall Place, Richmond, BC V6V 1Z5, Canada

Tel: +1 604 284 5128
Fax: +1 604 284 5287


Walsn specialises in researching and developing the instruments for environmental protection. We have extended the business into ...
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